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This is a long form text area designed for your content that you can fill up with as many words as your heart desires. You can write articles, long mission statements, company policies, executive profiles, company awards/distinctions, office locations, shareholder reports, whitepapers, media mentions and other pieces of content that don’t fit into a shorter, more succinct space.

Articles – Good topics for articles include anything related to your company – recent changes to operations, the latest company softball game – or the industry you’re in. General business trends (think national and even international) are great article fodder, too.

Mission statements – You can tell a lot about a company by its mission statement. Don’t have one? Now might be a good time to create one and post it here. A good mission statement tells you what drives a company to do what it does.

Company policies – Are there company policies that are particularly important to your business? Perhaps your unlimited paternity/maternity leave policy has endeared you to employees across the company. This is a good place to talk about that.

Executive profiles – A company is only as strong as its executive leadership. This is a good place to show off who’s occupying the corner offices. Write a nice bio about each executive that includes what they do, how long they’ve been at it, and what got them to where they are.

Company awards – If you’ve been in business awhile, chances are an award or two has come your way. Do potential customers want to know about them? (It’s a rhetorical question – of course they do.) Write them up here and give your company instant street cred.

Office locations – Just like children, each office location of your business has its own personality. Highlight each one of them here and let people know how much you’re growing as a company.

Shareholder reports – Warren Buffett has turned the writing of shareholder reports into an art form, but yours don’t have to be on the same quality level as the Oracle of Omaha’s to warrant posting them here.

Whitepapers – Think of a whitepaper as an authoritative, in-depth report on a topic relevant to your business and its customers. The idea is to frame a problem, then propose a solution based on your experience and expertise.

Media mentions – You don’t have to be a recurring guest on Wall Street Week to be seen as an expert in your field. All it takes is a few media mentions. When you get an opportunity to get written up in the paper or interviewed on television, do it. Then write about it here.