About Us

At ModernSustain our mission is to simplify sustainable solutions for all homes, we provide the tools and expertise to optimize your budget and conservation goals. Our team supports this vision by making sure you receive a wide range of sustainable appliances and zero waste products. 

Our Team



Tristyn Donovan 

Tristyn developed her passion for sustainable practices and eco-friendly education at a young age. Having spent a number of years abroad, she witnessed first hand the devastating and long-lasting effects of environmental pollution on children, families, and of course, the planet. Through the platform of ModernSustain, Tristyn plans to make sustainable solutions accessible to families of all socioeconomics backgrounds. In her daily life, she practices a Zero Waste lifestyle, and works hard to drive more awareness to economically conscious alternatives. By bringing awareness to the cause, she hopes to inspire others like her to live waste free, and to critically engage with the political, economic, and societal structures that condone single use habits. 




Varun Phogat

Varun attended Lancaster University, United Kingdom where he obtained his MBA in Business Administration. With extensive knowledge in all current management, economic, social, political and regulatory issues with an expertise of working in a non-profit organization setup. Born and raised in a family of farmers and social workers in India, the seed to give back to the community was planted long before he realized what it meant. Having a first-hand experience of living with issues relating to sustainability in the fast progressing India, he actively took part in the "Swachh Bharat Abhiyan or Clean India Mission" - an initiative by the current government of India.

Varun is extremely motivated about maintaining a zero-waste lifestyle. He is an avid traveller and has lived more than half of his life between England and Canada



Alex Dahan 

Alex Dahan is a Los Angeles based entrepreneur, investor and advisor. In 2012 he founded OpenInfluence, a leading influencer marketing company with a global reach of billions of users on major social platforms. At OpenInfluence, Alex has created award-winning campaigns for fortune 500 companies including Disney, Ford, Calvin Klein, Coca-Cola, Airbnb and Air France. His company was awarded the International Media Key Award for best Social Media Campaign of the Year, two years in a row (2016 & 2017). OpenInfluence now has eight offices in five countries around the world  and a team of 100+ passionate technologists, content creators, creatives, social-engineers, and talent developers; all working to change the way the world communicates.

In 2016, Alex founded CyberBank, a Los Angeles based cryptocurrency hedge-fund focused on early stage blockchain technologies. He has made several investments in the blockchain space and sits on the advisory board of 4 companies. He continues to leverage his resources and expertise to help drive adoption of blockchain technology.